What We Do

Ultimately, we aim to ensure the best quality creative at the best price possible.

We capture value for our clients by providing objective and impartial advice, offering reassurance and support during the production process and implementing proven solutions. Our consultants act as intermediaries between the Client and their key agencies in reviewing the feasibility of projects and production processes. They identify where cost avoidance and financial savings may be made at each stage of production.

Our goal is not only to work collaboratively with agencies on behalf of clients, but to educate and improve the understanding of the processes that are necessary to produce the most creative, cost effective and efficient projects.

Our capabilities

Our Principles


We don’t just look at consultancy on a project-by-project basis. We work in an integrated way to deliver efficiencies and value across all channels and areas of a client’s business.


We always work to a fixed fee, which has no bearing on the cost of the project nor savings generated.


We believe this is key to achieving long-term value for money – involvement as early as budget allocation and creative briefing.


Costs are always judged in relation to the creative intentions of the Agency, never in isolation.


We adopt a collaborative approach, working closely with Client and Agency from an early stage throughout the entire process. Our objective is to achieve a balance between quality and cost – ensuring the best quality creative productions at the best price possible.

“I have worked with CRC on both sides of the Atlantic for many years and I can highly recommend them. On a day to day basis, they consistently enable us to produce the best advertising at the best price. They ensure that all risks are known early and can be mitigated. This is possible as they act as true business partners. They are well respected through their depth of expertise and professionalism by all parties involved – our marketing leaders, creative agency partners, production companies, directors, and even their peers in the industry. On longer term strategy projects, the team at CRC have shown deep industry knowledge and business acumen.”

Commercial Manager, Creative – Mars