Brenda always wanted to make films and after completing a degree in Television and Film studies in Toronto, she found herself working inside an advertising production department at Leo Burnett. Fast forward 25 years and she’s covered all the bases.  Worked on both sides of agency and production house, produced countless broadcast spots for global advertisers, shooting all over the world for clients like American Express, Visa, 7-UP, VW, Unilever, P&G, and various financial institutions and NGOs.  She’s been head of broadcast at various agencies, most notably Ogilvy for 10 years where she produced award winning work for DOVE sharing two grand prix lions at Cannes.  

Brenda has gone on to produce a documentary mini series for Amazon and theatre productions in Toronto.  She is passionate about bringing ideas to life and using her hard earned skill set to deliver the best possible asset and outcome for her clients.